New Zealand's National War Memorial

Downer is proud to have been a member of the Memorial Park Alliance which completed the Pukeahu National War Memorial Park in Wellington in time to commemorate the centenary of Anzac Day on 25 April, 2015. The Alliance was created between government, construction and design companies to complete the $124 million project.  Participants were the NZ Transport Agency, Downer, HEB Construction, Tonkin & Taylor, and URS.

Relationships, communication and collaboration were keys to the success of this project of national and historical significance.

The project required a busy highway to be re-routed underground and the new tunnel and park were designed and built to the highest quality while respecting the area’s neighbours, military and social history.

The construction work uncovered remnants of a gun pit, the foundations of an 1870s-era stone house, a water well from the 1880s and coins from the reigns of five British monarchs. All archaeological finds were catalogued, photographed, removed for storage or reburied where removal was not possible.

The 300 metre trench and tunnel involved many technical, design and construction challenges including its location near the Wellington Fault. This means it is in an area susceptible to liquefaction and so the tunnel was constructed to resist a one in 2,500 year earthquake. The tunnel’s 64 belled concrete piles are designed to prevent the structure from floating during any liquefaction.

Downer has a successful track record of working in an alliance model in New Zealand. The Memorial Park Alliance delivered this complex project successfully and efficiently to a very high standard within a very tight time frame. The Alliance is now assisting other projects including the reconstruction of the Chatham Islands Wharf, which was recently damaged by a cyclone. The Chatham Islands are located 680 kilometres southeast of mainland New Zealand.